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Managed Print Services


MPS explained

MPS is the management of your office devices including copiers, printers, fax and multi-functional printers in order to increase business productivity and reduce printing costs. This means at AIS we ensure our client's peace of mind as we essentially take control of their printing environment, meaning they can fully concentrate on their own business operations.

Key benefits

  • Printing costs can be reduced significantly
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency
  • Information security
  • Environmentally friendly


The MPS process

Firstly we will provide our clients with an audit of their current printing environment in order to identify their needs and requirements. AIS staff will spend time with the clients in order to get more of a feel for their business and their unique needs. All business document flows will also be analysed to ensure increased productivity. With the knowledge of a clients business, their current printing environment, and their individual needs, we can then identify an appropriate and cost effective solution.

Once an audit is completed the MPS process can begin:

  1. Outline the project  -  Discussion of the time scale of the project, analyse the current printing environment, install printer discovery software to start the analysis of the clients fleet
  2. Draft proposals  -  Various cost effective solutions will be presented to the client to improve the current business situation (devised from the fleet analysis), the print policy and desired business situation will be discussed and agreed.
  3. Recommendations  -  With over 35 years of industry experience and all the information gathered a proposal will be provided to the client, outlining their current business situation , future business situation, and all of the savings (and how they are achieved) 


In order to start this process today please contact AIS for your print audit.