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Advanced Imaging Systems Ltd's Environmental Policies

At Advanced Imaging we take environmental issues very seriously.

We have our own recycling policy in addition to the manufacturers system, anything we cannot recycle our supplier will handle for us.

All toner, image units etc for Konica Minolta, Kyocera & Toshiba MFP’s are collected by us and are either refurbished and used again or dismantled and recycled for other uses.

All drums are organic or ceramic harmless materials, Kyocera go one step further by using a one component developing system and do not use a developer substance and creates less waste materials being disposed of.

Kyocera has a policy of using only recycled cardboard and no polystyrene in its packaging even the machine crates are made of recycled cardboard (no wood or steel nails). This policy is know as Green Light, for further information on Green Light visit:


 Kyocera ECOSYS-Environmentally friendly technology



In 2012 KYOCERA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of ECOSYS, the environmentally sustainable technology behind the design and manufacture of KYOCERA’s printer range. The development of sustainable printers satisfies the KYOCERA’s goal to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet. KYOCERA’s expertise with ceramic technologies is fundamental to the low-waste design of ECOSYS printers. The long-life components used are many times more durable than traditional alternatives meaning that in most cases, there is no replacement required during the lifetime of the printer. When an ECOSYS printers’ toner runs out, all you replace is the actual toner box and the low-waste design of ECOSYS printers results in 85% less waste being produced during the printer’s lifetime. The benefits of ECOSYS extend beyond sustainability. A KYOCERA toner cassette is simple and economical to produce, meaning customers also benefit from exceptionally low printing costs.ECOSYS will continue to be a focus area improving sustainability by providing long life components. KYOCERA Document Solutions is supported by a unique corporate philosophy incorporating a commitment to excellence, the environment and individual fulfilment. The synergy between a highly trained and motivated workforce, the company’s philosophical heritage and superior technology delivers tangible benefits to its customers around the world.


Awards & Accreditations

Noted industry analysts, technology publications and even end users have recognised our products as innovative document solutions. These accolades reflect our continued commitment to improving and revolutionising the industry. Our long-life consumables, reduced user maintenance, universal print driver, and network utilities, combined with KYOCERA's legendary low total cost of ownership, have made us the number one choice in business.






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