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Nuance AutoStore


Nuance AutoStore enables fast and efficient document capture. Captured files are indexed and automatically stored to the selected destination – saving administrative time.


  • Capture information and documents from virtually any paper or electronic source
  • Index paper and electronic documents before storage
  • Create personal workflows with network authentication
  • Scan once and deliver to multiple destinations
  • Convert scanned documents into various formats (searchable PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)

There are two versions of Nuance AutoStore tailored to fit your business:


AutoStore Express (Workflow basics)

  • Capture from MFP
  • OCR /Zone OCR , format conversion, bar code recognition
  • Scan to repository (SharePoint, Lotus Domino), scan to email & fax, scan to folder, FTP and printer
  • Tracking & notification


AutoStore (Advanced workflows)

  • Includes all the functionalities of AutoStore Express plus the following
  • Capture from any source (paper or electronic)
  • Advanced document processing options
  • Save to various groupware, secure FTP, fax, DMS
  • Customisation


There are also a number of extensions available that will increase the capabilities of your AutoStore installation:

  • AutoStore SMART Ticket: summarises the entire workflow into a bar code on a cover sheet
  • AutoStore QuickCapture: the distributed desktop capture software for PC scanners
  • AutoStore OpenForms: for automated form processing



  • Improves office productivity by reducing manual processes and the scope for human error
  • Simplifies business processes through efficient automation that sends documents to the selected applications
  • Minimises operating costs by reducing the costs for manual storage and data entry, etc
  • Ensures legal compliance through its secure, rule-based document processing
  • Speeds up administrative workflows by automatically forwarding documents to the required application/employee


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