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Cloud Print


The Managed Print Service hosted in the Cloud outsources the processing, routing and management of print traffic. Unlike a traditional Managed Print Service it includes the hosting of dedicated virtual print servers, print applications and document management software. Offering a more complete solution.


Why Cloud Printing?

There’s a strong argument for outsourcing the resource-intensive management of print processes in modern enterprises where:

  • IT teams are under increasing pressure to do more with less.
  • Innovative working practices such as Bring Your Own Device policies and worker mobility are growing in popularity.
  • Print outputs need to integrate efficiently within prevailing digital workflows.
  • Inefficient legacy print networks are becoming unfit for purpose and may be a threat to business success.



How It Works

A Managed Print Service hosted in the cloud uses an offsite data centre to create a virtual private print network (VPPN).

By transferring the ancillary tasks associated with document management offsite to the cloud where they can be performed and managed by us, cloud printing helps organisations minimise costs, release valuable hardware and human resources, while maximising the core benefits of MPS.

  • Print processing, policy enforcement, document routing and maintenance happens automatically.
  • The capacity and configuration of the print network can be resized and reshaped on demand.
  • Problems are automatically diagnosed and quickly solved, potentially over the VPPN.
  • Delivered in partnership with leading data centre experts.
  • State-of-the-art digital and physical security measures ensure the organisation’s proprietary data is safe.


Key Benefits

  • Frees IT teams from the ‘print trap’ of document-related job tickets.
  • Quick and easy way to create and maintain a controlled print environment.
  • Enhances cost efficiency and frees up IT resources.
  • Makes accurate cost allocation simple.
  • Aids business agility and helps facilitate change.
  • Enhances productivity and fleet availability.


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