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Print and Follow


Print&Follow is a suite of embedded HyPAS applications that makes secure print release easily accessible and affordable as it provides secure printing without the need for an extra server. Users simply print to a universal printer and release their prints at a convenient device, any time.



  • Security: A shared MFP equipped with Print&Follow ensures the same level of confidentiality as a personal desktop printer while being much more cost efficient.
  • Flexibility: As all MFPs can access the server, users can log in at any available device to release their documents.
  • No server: The application does not need an extra server and can be maintained without extensive IT support.
  • Easy to set up and manage: Installation and configuration is quick and easy.


Business challenges

  • To ensure document confidentiality and avoid printouts being left unguarded in printer trays, we use costly desktop printers – Is there a more economic solution?
  • When a printer is busy, users often send their document again to another one, which means that the document will be printed twice – Can this waste be prevented?
  • We do not have an IT department to manage complex document solutions – Is there a solution for small businesses?


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