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KYOroute puts an end to uncontrolled printing. Define clear rules for all users and devices to reduce output costs and minimise the environmental impact of printing. Your staff benefit too because the rules you create will increase their awareness and productivity.

KYOroute can implement a comprehensive print policy and ensure its compliance. The innovative software controls all print jobs in the network and automatically modifies them or routes them to the most suitable device according to the rules of your individual print policy.


Define your print policy

There’s a strong argument for outsourcing the resource-intensive management of print processes in modern enterprises where:

  • Who shall have access to which system?
  • Which jobs may be printed in colour?
  • Which jobs may be printed on desktop printers?
  • Which documents should be printed double-sided?
  • What should happen if a device is busy or out of order?


KYOroute ensures that all your rules are automatically followed.

With KYOroute you will:

  • Reduce your output costs and improve productivity
  • Easily implement your company-wide print policy
  • Improve your environmental sustainability


KYOroute can automatically move print jobs according to predefined rules. This ensures printing on the most efficient device, and avoids sending print jobs to devices that are busy or offline.



KYOroute logs all print jobs. It can track who printed what job to which printer, how many pages they printed, and how many pages were printed double-sided or in colour. If regulations prohibit the tracking of personalised information, all user data can be made anonymous. The data can be displayed in a concise HTML document, summarising the savings of all routings and modifications done by KYOroute. You can see your return on investment immediately.


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