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Our IT Division-GHS IT Services

Repairs and Maintenance

Repair Server

Repairs & MaintenanceWe can provide repairs of computers at very reasonable rates,our years of experience will turn your repair round in super fast time.


Pc crashing or not powering up? we can diagnose & repair pc's, laptops, servers and keep them working...
GHS can help, the list below covers some of the common problems had by customers.

  • Infected pc's

  • Pc crashing, locking up or Blue screens of death (BSODS)

  • Strange noises or vibrations

  • Unintentional reboots or power failures

  • Internet problems

  • Email issues

We can also upgrade and clean up your pc to get it back in good working order to extend it's life.
Talk to us if you have any of the symptoms above and we can probably help you find a cost effective way to sort out all of these issues.


To find out how our IT Support Services can help your business.

Call our I.T Division on: 01793 528549

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We are proud to be certified by the following companies

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